• MaFEA Multiplier-tapahtuma Suomessa 6.11.

    Ilmoittaudu Miksi Kenelle Milloin Missä Mikä Kysymykset Register Why For whom When Where What Questions Tervetuloa MaFEA “Making Future Education Accessible” -hankkeen Multiplier -tapahtumaan Ilmoittautukaa osallistujiksi. Miksi järjestämme tämän tapahtuman? Tapahtuman tarkoituksena on jakaa suoraan esimerkkejä MaFEA-hankkeen tuloksesta, hyvästä käytännöstä ja herättää keskustelua seuraavista aiheista: Kenelle tämä tapahtuma on tarkoitettu? Tapahtuma on suunnattu ensisijaisesti ammatillisten…

  • MaFEA project brings new technological solutions to VOCO

    MaFEA project brings new technological solutions to VOCO

    Last week, the Erasmus+ project “Making Future Education Accessible” (MaFEA) partners held a LTT3 workshop at Tartu VOCO to summarise the activities so far in partner schools in Finland, Belgium, the Netherlands, Portugal and Estonia.    Teachers presented the ways in which they have used new technologies in teaching, and demonstrated the teaching materials and lesson…

  • Teacher Training in Omnia

    Teacher Training in Omnia

    The first teacher training event took place in Omnia Finland May 11.-12. 2022. Teachers from all project partners gathered in Espoo to learn about and hare their first experiences with the Robotics, VR and AR in education. The MaFEA teachers agree that digital learning and teaching through different simulation exercises is the way forward for…

  • First piloting with students in progress

    First piloting with students in progress

    The enthusiastic teachers of MaFEA partner schools have wasted no time in setting up and testing the new digital tools of the MaFEA project. For example in Tartu VOCO tghe Zappar augmented reality tool is tested in a history and cocial studies lessons to make maps more interesting and interactive. As part of this initial…

  • The digital tools arrive at schools

    The digital tools arrive at schools

    AR, VR and robotics sets arrive in MaFEA partner schools. In the meeting in January all schools took part in a draw to determine where the digital tools being tested and described for learning environments will start their journey with Belgian, Dutch, Estonian, Finnish and Portugese teachers and students. We are happy to receive the…

  • MaFEA project website launched

    MaFEA project website launched

    Welcome to the MaFEA – Making Future Education Accessible project. The website for MaFEA Erasmus+ cooperation project was developed by Tartu VOCO ICT students Hanna Hummal, Taavi Taivere and Jürgen Mikk supervised by VOCO teacher Ly Otsa. The students took on a challenge to develop a webpage for an international project as part of their…

  • Project meeting in Portugal

    Project meeting in Portugal

    The second project meeting took place in Lisbon Portugal. MaFEA partners than the Escola Commercio Lisboa for excellent arrangement and hosting the meeting. Despite the restrictions on travel and paperwork we were happy to meet and start the process of acquiring the digital tools that will be tested out during the MaFEA project.