The digital tools arrive at schools

AR, VR and robotics sets arrive in MaFEA partner schools.

In the meeting in January all schools took part in a draw to determine where the digital tools being tested and described for learning environments will start their journey with Belgian, Dutch, Estonian, Finnish and Portugese teachers and students. We are happy to receive the boxes and software licenses to start out setting up the systems and creating engageing learnign experiences for students.

In this first phase the Portugese teachers try out Meta Quest harware and software, while Belgian teachers from Emmaüs Altaire experiment with Pico Neo.  The Dutch teachers from ROC A12 are testing Lego Spike, Estonian teachers are trying out Zappar augmented reality with their students in Tartu and Finnish colleagues from Omnia learn about Thinglink software.  In May all the teachers will meet up in Omnia in Finalnd and share their experiences and swap tools. This way many schools and more learners get access to various digital tools and solutions for learning.






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