The project

Making Future Education Accessible


The main objective of the MaFEA project is to provide pedagogical opportunities, examples and good practices of application of new technologies such as Meta Quest, Lego Spike or Microsoft Hololens, etc for all teachers and students in VET education.

We aim to modernise teaching and training methods and through that raise the quality of VET, ensure a good interaction between VET and the labour market, support digital and inclusive education as well as lifelong learning in the five partner countries.

As society is evolving so quickly, there is the continuous task of making our education relevant, innovative and interesting to respond to the needs of the future: a more digital society and evolved labour market. In order to achieve this, teachers and students will have to adopt and thus benefit from the latest available technologies (VR, AR, XR, Ai, IoT, robotics).

The role of the teacher is changing and will continue to do so: no longer ‘the sage on the stage’ but more and more ‘the (expert) guide on the side’. Introduction of new technologies and matching educational applications provides wonderful opportunities for the initial and continuous professional development of VET teachers, trainers and mentors.

Project Activities

  • Analysis of the market for new educational technologies for our sectors
  • Selection of tools to be piloted in educational environment
  • Creating an online repository of different tools
  • Creating guides for teachers for adoption of future tools in the classroom
  • Guiding successful adoption of new technologies
  • Developing educational learning paths for new technologies to be used in classrooms or e-learning trajectories 
  • Training teachers for adoption of new technologies.