MaFEA project website launched

Welcome to the MaFEA – Making Future Education Accessible project. The website for MaFEA Erasmus+ cooperation project was developed by Tartu VOCO ICT students Hanna Hummal, Taavi Taivere and Jürgen Mikk supervised by VOCO teacher Ly Otsa. The students took on a challenge to develop a webpage for an international project as part of their WEB development studies. At Tartu VOCO the ICT students learn project based for most of their studies developing services for different users -private companies, non-profit organisations or other schools. MaFEA project was difficult because the customer is a consortsium of 5 schools in 5 different countries. Also the website has a repository fo different tools and guides and learning materials, which will keep growing through the project life. Participating in such development work develops students co-operation and international learning environment adaptability – skills they all need when starting work in the international ICT community. We hope you enjoy our website and find the materials you are looking for.





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